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Sound Creation


This is an exciting time in sound creation. As the internet expands unbelievably, and more and more creative people are expressing themselves through their smart phones, tablets and ever powerful gadgets, along side of more traditional methods, I find I am creating more and more music for their projects and my own projects as well. It's amazing and exciting to think how you can join forces with talented people very easily who happen to be clear across the planet or right next door.


My studio includes a new MAC, a realistic variety of virtual instruments and effects, real instruments and mics and of course my creativity and musicianship.  Here is an example of the way others have used my sound creation in their projects: 

·         backing instrumental tracks for original compositions and musicals

·         backing instrumental tracks for vocals

·         original scoring for videos

·         vocal recordings (my voice and others)


I use my musical education and experience as a performer to compose, arrange and create music that will suit your project perfectly. If you have an idea that needs some original music or musical arranging, contact me. Let's collaborate and make the music for your project reflect your vision.  My goal is to create music that will enhance your project's originality as a result of my creativity, musicality, musical direction and professionalism.


Audio Samples (coming soon)

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